Big frightening grizzly bear or kind hearted fluffy nanny?

Newfies. Who are they?
Newfoundland is capable to make a decision not waiting for the order or hint from his master. This ability was developed during a long period of the evolution of this breed as dog-rescuers, assistants of fishermen. The passion to water is not the only unique characteristics. Even untrained Newfoundlands express obvious concern looking after swimming people and in any critical moment they are always ready to throw themselves into the water to help.

During the whole history of this breed Newfies didn’t express any aggression. Their profession of a rescuer is not inconsistent with distrustfulness and malignance. But don’t think that this dog is not capable to manage the guarding of the apartment and can't hold his own and protect his master in any fight. Don't mix two different concepts: the malicious dog is not necessarily courageous, a dog that bites, is far from being a defendant to a human. Newfoundland unmistakably understands the situation and quickly responds to it. Also they are able to distinguish between a real life threat from an imaginary one, therefore, they never give way to provocations.

This quality makes them useless for the developing of a defensive reaction in Newfoundland’s character by the usual method, which is firstly to tease the dog imitating an attack and escape, and then directing on the escaping man. For Newfies such training is not applicable, they are well aware that no real threat comes from the person in a quilted jacket. So, at best it would be useless to wave a protective sleeve in front of him on the training platform, he will treat everything that happens as a kind of game and will join it too, at worst – he will be offended and would stand aside.

However, in the moment of real danger Newfoundland operates at his own discretion, and very resolutely - there are many examples.