Lovely Newfies. Where do you come from?

This breed was conceived for about 300 years ago on a rather severe North Island bordered on the Labrador peninsula near the eastern banks of Canada. By the time the European people find out about this breed it had been already emerged as a separate one. They were big black and black-and-white dogs notable for their intellect and quick-witted. Nevertheless the main advantage of this breed was their ability to swim without getting tired for a long period of time. They plunged into the water without pondering and were always ready to help a drowning man.

Due to all these characteristics the breed gained popularity and universal love and acknowledgement in England and European Continent. Thanks to its inherent intelligence, calmness and splendid appearance this dog stepped from the boat onto soft carpets of Emperor’s palaces and green gardens with confidence. Inherent dignity and strength in combination with kindness and nobleness made this breed one of the most desirable friends in aristocratic circles.

All dogs were bred for some special purpose. In far ancient world there was quite deliberate selection of those animals which corresponded more to the people’s needs. More often the exterior wasn't taken into consideration but peculiarities of psychic, temperament and character. As a result all ancient breeds (among which Newfies are as well) genetically fixed specific for them peculiarities of the character. Of course there are no rules without exceptions. But if the majority of ancestors had some particular set of characteristics there is a great possibility that there type would be presented in their future progeny. The bred peculiarities of Newfoundland’s character also inseparably linked with their aboriginal predestination. Ancestors of modern Newfies never were hunting dogs, that why the instincts of victim tracing and killing are not developed. They are inclined not to consider small animals and birds as prey but object which should be protected. For sure there are some hunting instincts somewhere deep inside the mind of every dog animal. And it may happen that Newffy will flood after a cat but there would no threat for it except only one – it can be caught, sniffed around and licked all over.