You and goody-goody “little” dog

People who lived a few years with Newfoundland abreast, know that you can talk to him as to friend, he always listens carefully to the human speech, he is able to capture the smallest nuances of intonation of the owner's voice, captures the subtle gestures and often understands correctly what you want him to do, even if you don't pronounce the standard commands. In general, the Newfoundland better responds to a request than to an order - this quiet, well-balanced dog requires very even and respectful treatment. He is not jealous but very touchy. A rude shout can harm him more painfully than a whip, after that he shrinks into himself for a very long time, showing with his whole look that he won't talk to you.

Newfoundland is quiet by nature. Even when playing, he rarely raises his voice. Meeting the master on the threshold he shows his pleasure by all means - except barking. If Newfy barks - it means that something extraordinary has happened. Protection barking is of a very low tone, firstly it is staccato, then it turns into a continuous roar, as if someone hits an empty metal barrel. With the help of short barking Newfy can express the appeal or urgent plea, but he never barks at other dogs or passers-by as of "a sense of duty", as other dogs do. Suspicion is alien to his character, as well as irritability and any lack of restraint in emotions revealing.

In dealing with children Newfoundland is gentle and patient. A young dog will have fun with children eagerly if only situation allows, but adult dogs tend to take care of children rather than to implement their wishes. He does not listen to kids and does not obey them at all. This does not mean that Newfoundland gets on with the children badly, quite the contrary, he is a cool companion in games, because under no circumstances he is not able to hurt the child. But adults should remember that not every child can physically cope with such a large, heavy dog. Older children are quite capable to win credibility from Newfy, if they treat him evenly and politely.

With such treatment he becomes an indispensable companion during walks.