Initial stages. How to care and bring up Newfies

Taking Care
Caring for Newfoundland puppies from an early age is to keep their wonderful wool. A puppy, of course, is in need of attention and walks (you should start to walk with him 2-3 weeks after the last vaccination, 3-4 times a day), but grooming - is a necessary condition for the breeding luxury dog. From an early childhood puppies should be regularly combed to get used to this procedure so when getting older they allow the owner to care for their fur. The real care for the dog is proper feeding, regular walking, washing and combing. Cleaning ears and eyes - is a necessary manipulations that Newfoundland puppies should be taken as constant care and when adult they should peacefully give to inspect any part of their body. Therefore, care for the puppy should start from the first day in your home. Eyes should be cleaned when dirty from the outer corner of the nose, the ears should be cleaned at least once a week by gently wiping with a damp cloth. Often the owners of the Newfoundland dog breeds doubt whether it is required a special pet dental care. If the dog is healthy, the teeth do not require special attention of the owner and if any disease you should consult a specialist. Care for legs and claws consists in regular inspection and cleaning from dirt (remember, this breed has membranes and the dirt very easily can clog between them), and sometimes - even in trimming nails. But better just to walk the dog often so as the claws grind themselves .

Bringing up Newfoundland
Raising a Newfoundland puppy should begin from the moment when he appeared in your hands. Therein lies the difference in terms of "bring up" and "train". Training - is a set of targeted measures aimed at - development of the qualities inherent to the breed from a certain age. Bringing up of Newfoundland includes constant communication with the dog, development of understanding of what the obedience, unequivocal prohibitions, relationships with other living creatures, possible games and promotions are. In the process of education you teach your dog to live with you and you learn to live with the dog. Newfoundland - is a dog, which, by virtue of its natural qualities, practically helps the owner to carry out its own education. With its natural friendly and affable disposition, the puppy will try to please you, to do everything you ask, be useful just for praise and kindness. In spite of his own age, Newfoundland will tolerate human children with stability of a wise old nurse and will never bite. These properties should be encouraged as much as possible because in the future it will serve a great service and will ease training. These dogs love to make people laugh, remembering the early, however it is the actions they have managed to please the owner. Don't be surprised when your dog barely have learned how to give the paw will quickly understand which of them is left and which is right. This breed is of high intelligence animal. So, the basis of bringing up Newfoundland dog breed - is a constant promotion of the dog for the desired behavior, regular communication with the puppy. Socialization is mandatory (the dog must be able to communicate with other animals and the world). Following these simple conditions from an early age your pet will reveal its inherent breed traits in the best way.

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