The legend of Newfoundland

There, in a country where the ocean waves with a boiling foam break on reefs, the legend was born.

They say that that one day God decided to inspect all his creations, and at that time on the island of Newfoundland, battered by storm, he saw a small fishing nation where people were tough, used to bad weather and bravely fought with the natural difficulties. It could be winter frosts and merciless tide which demanded their tribute or the sea which demanded human sacrifices.

Despite the fact these people of Newfoundland stubbornly hung on for dear life, they had a great courage. God looked at them with infinite compassion and thought how to facilitate their existence. He searched among all the creatures he created, but could not find anyone who could help these people.

Then he decided to create a new creature. He took the body of a bear, whose core would suit for heavy work and whose thick fur coat would resist the piercing cold of the Newfoundland island. Then the God decided to soften the silhouette with flexible, active lines of a sea lion, with its superior ability to swim and fast sliding on the waves. And when He glanced at the sea He saw playing dolphins which were sailing after the ship and having fun. Their gentle, kind eyes revealed open character. What's more - they were so fond of people that often rescued them in the sea. Yes, they should also become a part of a new creature.

Then He was molding, shaping, and suddenly there had appeared a magnificent beast with shiny black fur, powerful and delicate at the same time. It was the work of the Creator's hands. This new animal should have loyalty and devotion, be honest and reliable friend to live next to a man and be ready to sacrifice his life for his master.

And at the moment when the God had put a heart of a dog into his breast - it happened!

Since that day people of the sea had a courageous fellow with them, that was always full of strength and faithful - it was Newfoundland!

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